Industry Insider With Over Three Generations of His Family in The Mobile Home and RV Park Business Reveals...
"Why Top Park Owners Use Mobile Home Park Classroom to Find and Train All of Their Mobile Home and RV Park Managers..."
Keep Reading to Discover Why Smart Park Owners Use This Program to Train All of Their Managers...
Are you thinking about hiring a manager to run your park for you? 

Who’s going to train your manager? 

How much time will it take you? 

What if your manager doesn’t work out and you have to start again from scratch? 

These are just a few of the questions you’ll face when you get ready to hire an on-site property manager to run you park for you. Let me show you a better way…
Here's How You Can Save Up to 
100 Hours and $5,000 of Your Time PER Manager
Step 1: Send your property manager their login and password for Mobile Home Park Classroom. 

Step 2: Take the rest of the day off as your manager learns how to run your park like a pro. 

It’s really that simple. Mobile Home Park Classroom will train your manager for you so you can spend your time on the things you want to do in life.
Manage Your Manager From ANYWHERE In The World
If you're in the Mobile Home or RV Park business because you want to be in control of where and how you spend your time, how are you going to achieve real freedom if you're constantly having to check on your park and babysit your property manager?

Creating real freedom is one of the reasons why we created this course.

Instead of bothering you with an endless barrage of questions, Mobile Home Park Classroom will teach your manager...
How to Manage Your Mobile Home Park Like a Total Pro
  • How to Find & Manage a Superstar On-Site Property Manager From Anywhere
  • One-Click Answers to Your Property Management Questions
  • Role Play Videos That Show You Exactly What to Say to Tenants
  • All of the Documents We Paid a Small-Fortune For and Use to Run Our Parks
  • Step-By-Step Instructions to Deploy the Cutting-Edge Marketing We Use to Fill Our Vacancies
  • And 12 Modules Teaching Your Property Manager The Business from A to Z
All you'll need to do is fill your property manager in on the specifics about your park, give them their login to Mobile Home Park Classroom, and then take the rest of the day off.
Don't Have a Manager Yet? 
We'll teach you how to find a "Superstar" on-site property manager with very little work on your part while avoiding the common hiring mistakes that can cost you a fortune in headaches, lost revenue and legal issues...

How to Find & Manage a Superstar On-Site Property Manager

If you want real time freedom, you’re going to have to find an on-site property manager for your mobile home park and it’s critical to find a superstar that will treat your park as if they own it themselves. Learn how to find the best property manager out there and learn how to automate almost the entire process. 

Then, learn how to manage your manager from anywhere in the world – from the beach, the mountains or the comfort of your own home a mile away or 1,000 miles away.
Your Property Manager Will Get Instant Access to 12 Training Modules Covering Every Aspect of Property Management

Live Follow-Along Role-Play Videos

Follow along step-by-step with us on “look over our shoulder” videos as we take calls from RV tenants, mobile home space tenants and park-owned home tenants. 

You’ll learn exactly what to say to lease your vacancies and how to tour your park or park-owned homes with the great tenants.

How to Use Cutting-Edge Marketing to Fill Your Vacancies Fast

Are you actively marketing your park to the kind of tenants you want to see every day? Are they responding? According to Nielsen’s recent Trust in Advertising survey of 28,000 respondents, only 32.6% trust traditional marketing – that’s a 25% decrease from their earlier survey. 

Marketing is changing rapidly with the new tools like Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Inside the program, you’ll learn what’s working right now and how you can setup your marketing to bring great tenants to your park automatically.

One-Click Answers to Common Questions

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being put on the spot by a question or a problem from a tenant or a prospective tenant. No problem…

We’ve created one page that has one click answers to the most frequent questions you’ll have as a property manager. Just search, point and click and you’re good to go.
What's The Real Cost of Training Your Manager?
  • Let’s say your time is worth $50/hour (it’s actually worth far more, but let’s be conservative)
  • Now, let’s assume your new manager needs training, questions answered and “help” to run the park – maybe 40 hours up front and then 40 to 60 hours over the next 12 months, which is pretty conservative considering most new-employee trainings are 3-5 days followed by on-the-job training
  • And, $50/hour x 80 to 100 hours = $4,000 to $5,000
  • That’s $4,000 to $5,000 per manager and at least 80 hours of your time (even with conservative estimates)
  • Now, it’s not unreasonable to assume that you’ll probably go through 2-3 managers over the time period that you own your park
  • That’s 3 x $4,000 over the duration, or $12,000 of your time and at least 240 hours of your time (that's 6 weeks of your life!)
Bottom line: You can save up to $12,000 and 240 hours of your time by using Mobile Home Park Classroom to train your managers...

Are You Using Leverage to Your Advantage?

How many managers will you have during the time period that you own your park? 

Experience tells us you'll probably have 3 or more...

Imagine the amount of time and money it’s going to take to find and train every manager from this point forward. 

Now, try to imagine all of the money and time you can save in the days and years to come as you use Mobile Home Park Classroom as your send-it and forget-it property manager training program.
100% Digital Delivery Means You Get Instant Access To The Entire Program
Unlike other courses that come in inconvenient CD and workbook formats, we took the course and made it 100% digital so you can access it from anywhere and share it with your property managers wherever they may be.
Watch the Entire Course 
on Your Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smart Phone or Tablet
You or your property manager can watch this course from anywhere, whether it’s on a laptop, a desktop, your iPad, iPhone or other tablet device. 

 Mobile Home Park Classroom is convenient and easy to use, wherever you are.
Here’s What People Are Saying:

“I’ve only watched two videos and I’ve already taken five pages of notes!”

Eric H. - Owner of 5 Parks in California and Nevada

“95% of our tenants come from the Internet now as a result of what you did for us...”

Diane - 35 Year Owner/Manager of Multiple Parks
6 Reasons Why Mobile Home Park Classroom Is Different Than Other Courses
  • Unique "Fly On the Wall" Role Play Videos - follow along as we take phone calls, sign up new tenants, deal with complicated issues and tour the part with prospective tenants
  • Focused Solely on Property Management - instead of trying to teach you everything, we focus on property management so your park will perform as well as possible
  • Unique Strategies to Turn Your Park Into a Tenant Magnet - with over 3 generations in the business, we've discovered what it takes to create a park that attracts tenants like a moth to a bright light
  • How to Fill Your Park With the Very Best Tenants - unlike other course that focus on filling your park with any tenants you can find, we focus on showing you how to fill your park with the best tenants by using cutting-edge marketing and positioning stragies
  • Focused On Creating a First-Class Community That's Easy to Sell - you'll learn how to turn your park into a first-class community filled with great tenants who provide predictable cash flow, making it far easier and more profitable to sell your park in the future should you decide to do so
  • You'll Learn How to Side-Step The Mistakes We've Made Over the Past 3 Generations - with over three generations of owning and managing mobile home and RV parks, you'll be able to sidestep the costly mistakes we've learned the hard way
Here's a Sample Of What's Included...

Module 1: Should You Hire an On-Site Property Manager?

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an on-site property manager to run your park for you. You’ll learn the 10 questions to ask before you make your decision.

This module will help you quickly determine whether or not you should hire a property manager or manage your park yourself.

Module 2: How to Build a Strong Foundation

When you start to make changes, people get nervous. It doesn’t matter if you are taking over a new park or if you plan to clean up the park you already have. 

Learn what you need to do to put your tenants at ease as you start to transform your park into a show-place filled with tenants you enjoy seeing on a daily basis.

Module 3: How to Properly Set Rental Rates, Security Deposits and Leases

Set your rental rates too low and you lose a fortune. Set them too high and you miss out on great tenants and end up with costly vacancies. You’ll learn the exact steps to figure out the best rental rates for your property. 

You’ll learn how to use “Free Rent Psychology” to attract the very best tenants while still maximizing your profits. And most importantly, you’ll learn which lease terms are crucial to a park that is filled with tenants who follow the rules and pay the rent on time.

Module 4: How to Market Your Property to Fill Your Vacancies Fast

Vacancies can destroy your profitability fast. Attracting the wrong tenants can make your life a living hell. Inside this module, you’ll learn how to create a marketing program that will pull in a steady stream of the right kind of tenants – tenants that will make your life enjoyable.

Module 5: How to Screen Prospective Tenants The Right Way

This is perhaps the most important module and it’s one that many managers think they understand. The reality is, most managers miss important steps in the screening process and those misses create endless problems. 

We’ll show you exactly how we screen tenants using our exclusive screening process that takes into account a number of factors that predict how a tenant will perform. If you only watch one module, watch this one.

Module 6: How to Start New Tenants On the Right Foot

First impressions count and they leave a certain flavor in a tenant’s mouth. In this module you’ll learn how to create a strong and positive anchor that will cause your new tenant to feel valued, which will greatly increase your advantage when it’s time to renew your tenant’s lease. 

This is a step that first-class parks pay a lot of attention to while lesser parks ignore.

Module 7: How to Keep Great Tenants

The hardest part of the mobile home park business is attracting the very best tenants. Once you have them, you need to keep them. 

We’ll show you the strategies and tactics that you can use to proactively insure that your very best tenants want to renew when their leases are due.

Module 8: How to Deal with Problem Tenants

Without a doubt, dealing with problem tenants is one of the most stressful areas of property management. Learn the techniques, strategies and even the exact scripts we use to calm tenants down and to get them to want to follow the rules. 

You’ll also learn what to do with those tenants that should find another place to live.

Module 9: How to Lease Vacancies Fast

The faster you fill your vacancies, the more profitable your park will be. Inside, you’ll learn how we quickly lease vacancies. You’ll discover how we persuade tenants that are leaving to leave their park-owned home or space in great condition. 

You’ll learn about our “Quick Turnaround Kit” and how you can use it to get your vacancy on the market and leased as quickly as possible. This module alone can pay for this course over and over and over again.

Module 10: How to Work with Employees & Contractors

Finding the right contractors and employees to help you run your park can mean the difference between enjoying the mobile home park business or feeling overwhelmed. In no time at all, you’ll know how to find great employees and dependable contractors. 

You’ll learn how to work with them successfully to keep your park attractive and comfortable for tenants.

Module 11: How to Maintain Your Park to Attract & Retain Great Tenants

One of the fastest ways to improve your profitability is to create an environment where your tenants are proud to live. The best tenants have options and so do the tenants you have today. 

You’ll learn how to systematize maintenance and landscaping using simple checklists that will make your park highly attractive to both new and existing tenants alike.

Module 12: Taxes & Insurance

Protecting you park and yourself financially are vitally important in a society filled with frivolous and sometimes legitimate lawsuits. 

Taxes and insurance may not seem like the sexiest of topics, but rest assured they are both deserve your attention to protect what is yours. Inside, you’ll learn how to protect what’s yours.

Module 13: How to Manage Your Finances and Records

In this module, you’ll learn what you need to do to protect yourself in the event of audits or legal proceedings. But this module is about more than protection… You may or may not be familiar with the old saying, “You cannot improve that which you do not measure.” 

In this module, you’ll learn how to track your results and you’ll discover ways to improve your profitability while reducing your expenses.

Module 14: How to Find and Hire a Superstar Property Manager

Turning your park over to a property manager can either liberate you or make you or consume you. Learn how to screen and select a superstar on-site property manager using proven techniques from some of the world’s leading experts in hiring practices. 

If you want to achieve true time freedom, finding a superstar property manager is the first step you’ll have to take.

Module 15: How to Manage Your Manager from Anywhere

Achieving true time freedom requires more than an on-site property manager. You need a way to manage that manager from wherever you find yourself. 

Discover the tools and best practices you can use to manage your manager from down the street or from across the globe.

How to Lease Your Vacancies Fast Using the Internet ($12,997 Value)

Even if you barely know how to turn on a computer, you can watch over my shoulder...

You can watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click-by-click as I show you how to set up your web site and advertise on Google, YouTube and some of our “secret-sauce” sites to market our vacancies. 

I paid over $12,000 to learn what I’ll teach you in this bonus module

After we put this in place, we filled every vacancy – all our mobile home spaces, park-owned homes and RV spaces. 

Now, almost every new tenant comes to us from the Internet. My friends think I’m crazy, but I like to reward action takers – individuals who can make decisions quickly and take action, so I’m going to include this special bonus when you order. 

You’ll learn how to do it in simple, easy to copy lessons that even a 10 year old can copy. 
100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Mobile Home Park Classroom 100% Risk Free Today I’m so sure that you are absolutely going to love the videos, tutorials, templates and bonus videos inside Mobile Home Park Classroom that I’m taking on all the risk myself and let you try the course for 90 days. If you absolutely love it, keep it.

If you change your mind, send me an email – it’s that easy. I’ll refund 100% of your money and we’ll part as friends because I only want your money if your absolutely thrilled with the value-packed content you’ll find inside this program… And I’m confident you will love it when you see what’s waiting for you inside.
See you on the inside… Jason Ayers, Creator of Mobile Home Park Classroom 
What Are You Waiting For?
There's absolutely no risk to try Mobile Home Park Classroom today

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends."

-Benjamin Franklin
P.S: If you're reading this, you're likely at a cross-roads.  You can continue to do what you've been doing, and hope you get different results, or you can choose to go in a new direction towards the results you desire.  The choice is entirely up to you and will determine the outcome you will achieve.  

I created this program to help you because I know how challenging and time-consuming this business can be, and I've removed all of the risk so that you can relax and just see if it's a good fit for you that will move you towards the things you want and away from those things you don't want.